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    If you suspect there is mold in your home, yet you can not visibly see mold and mildew, you might think about hiring an expert mold inspection firm like Daxion. If mold spores have actually been exposed to natural products and wetness, mold could be expanding in tough to see spaces and also contaminating the interior air quality. If you or your family has experienced recent, unexplained allergy signs and symptoms such as scratchy eyes, drippy nose, or migraines, there could be mold and mildew living somewhere in your house.

    At Daxion, we are an expert mold testing and removal company in Miami, and we can remediate every one of your mold concerns. To check for mold, our group will resource an in house professional mold specialist to do an initial test to identify the type of mold. After our team has completed the mold elimination procedure, the inspector will be recalled to do a final test to make certain all mold has been eliminated.


    Mold screening is a great way to recognize mold that is not clearly visible. The examinations will supply an evaluation of the variety of mold spores in the air at the time of testing, these numbers may rise and fall in various locations of the home. There are three different methods used to examine for mold and mildew, air testing, surface testing, and bulk testing. The laboratory may likewise choose to conduct a culture examination of the examples offered to identify what type of mold is growing in the home.

    Air Test

    When using an air examination, the test will get the mold spores airborne, after that the example will be taken a look at in a lab with microscopic lens. Air testing for mold will recognize the visibility of concealed mold in the residence, nonetheless, this examination can not define specifically where the surprise mold is located.

    Surface Test

    When utilizing a surface area test, the mold tester will take examples from surfaces around the home utilizing swabs and also tape training. The examples are after that required to the laboratory and checked for mold. These outcomes may differ based upon the area of the surface area and also its distance to the real mold and mildew. It’s important to note, a surface examination is not required if the mold is clearly visible.

    Bulk Test

    To conduct a bulk examination for mold, the tester will certainly collect different objects from the house then examine them in the lab. The items will certainly be inspected under a microscopic lense and any type of traces of mold will be determined. Mass tests are terrific for determining the concentration of mold in the residence.


    A great deal of property owners will find themselves asking, “Do I really need a mold inspection?” If you can visibly see the mold an examination is not always required. In this instance, the mold would merely just need to be removed, adhering to all sector procedures. Nevertheless, if the mold is not plainly visible, a mold test can determine the presence and type of mold.


    A great deal of residences and also local business owner think mold screening always need to be done to determine what type of mold is growing inside the building. Nonetheless, this detail is not relevant to the mold removal process. If the mold shows up, our team’s leading priority is to remove the mold while complying with market elimination criteria and to keep you and your loved ones free of illness and injury. Recognizing the mold type does not change the approach for mold removal because all mold is taken into consideration as toxic to your health despite the kind or shade.

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states, “In many cases, if visible mold development is present, testing is often unnecessary. Given that no EPA or other government limitations have been set for mold or mold spores, sampling can not be utilized to examine a building’s compliance with federal mold criteria. Surface tasting may be useful to figure out if an area has been sufficiently cleansed or remediated.” To find out more from the EPA click, BELOW.

    Mold Growth on walls of home - Mold Removal


    If the mold is not quickly noticeable, however there remains a musty and mold smell, we suggest testing for mold. We also recommend screening for mold if your building has actually recently experienced water damages, such as dripping pipes, sewage back-ups, flooding, or various other water losses. Mold can grow as rapidly as 24-48 hrs when offered the proper atmosphere, so if you have lately uncovered water damages, there is likely mold remaining around the damaged location.

    If you or your loved ones are experiencing unexplainable symptoms such as itchy eyes, itchy skin, congestion, bronchial asthma assaults, or breathing troubles. We suggest testing for mold. Mold direct exposure can be particularly harmful to individuals with developing or diminished immune systems, like children or senior people.

    If you are planning on acquiring a new residence, it is highly suggested to examine for mold before finishing the purchase. Also, if you are intending on selling your home, you might take into consideration testing for mold to ensure the house is ready for a brand-new owner.


    In order for mold to expand, the mold spores require moisture. Organic material such as Wood, Drywall, Insulation, as well as a warm atmosphere. Mold most commonly will expand in cozy, moist areas, like the restroom, however there are a handful of other locations when mold may expand in the residence.

    The following are common areas that mold may expand in the home and remain unnoticed, calling for mold testing:

    • Under Sinks
    • Around & Behind Leaky Windows
    • Under Carpet That Has Experienced Water Damage
    • Behind The Refrigerator
    • Behind Dishwashers
    • Behind Drywall Around Pipes And Plumbing Lines
    • In Crawl Spaces That Contain Excess Water


    There are a handful of various DIY mold tests on the marketplace, nonetheless, we highly discourage utilizing the products. The results of DIY mold tests are frequently unreliable as well as deceptive due to testing errors and the typical homeowner does not have previous mold and mildew knowledge and may misunderstand the results. Additionally, these examinations lack the abilities that an expert mold tester obtains, such as the skills of visible screening. When utilizing a professional mold screening company, the tester will certainly carry out a first assessment of the property and if they discover noticeable mold, and extra mold tests will be unnecessary.

    Mold is everywhere on the planet around us in the form of mold spores – these spores are not unsafe until they are revealed to natural products and dampness. If making use of an at-home examination, the sample will certainly grab regular mold spores airborne as opposed to the actual mold trouble. By using a professional mold testing firm, this misconception of the example will be eliminated. At Daxion we will certainly perform a mold examination as well as an evaluation of the building to identify the mold and trouble, then our team can swiftly begin the elimination and full removal process. If you choose to make use of an at-home test, this option is not available to you.

    At Daxion, we recognize that choosing an at-home mold screening package might look like the most convenient as well as most time efficient solution, but there is a high danger of sampling error related to these packages, which will certainly alter or modify the outcomes. Give us a call, and we will establish an inspection with one of our professionals. In the case that the assessor believes there is mold in the structure, we will proceed with a sample and mold examination. Based on the results, we will prepare to remove the mold and also remediate the afflicted area.

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